If ever you find yourself in a conversation where you believe you have exhausted all topics possible, here are a few “fun facts” you can rattle off.

“Did you know in 2016 Whitley County had ______________”

  1. An estimated population of 33,449 residents. Up over 150 since 2010.
  2. The population gender split is almost EXACTLY 50/50.
  3. A whopping 2,577 Veterans. We are proud of you Whitley County!
  4. There were 14,552 housing units w/2.5 people per unit. Up from 14,281 in 2010.
  5. 5% of those units are rentals.
  6. Median rent was $624.
  7. The median value of a owner occupied home was just over $130,000.
  8. AND! There were 742 women owned firms/businesses.  Well done ladies!  Men owned almost double that.

Use this knowledge sparingly and wisely.  These statistics tend to make you 37% more attractive when offered in the perfect moment.  While it’s been shown that overuse can have the adverse effect.